13 Black girl-friendly beauty boxes to fix all your hair and skin woes

Any beauty fiend will go crazy over a good beauty box. There are a plethora of options to choose from. There are the natural hair care subscriptions, dedicated to specific curl patterns, for the perfect curl kit top-up. There are the ones catering to general or specific skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and fine lines. There are also some that are more wellness orientated so they could include body products and facial tools.

But of course, there are also the ones that cover all of the above and work as the perfect shortcut into discovering your ultimate skin and hair routine. The best thing about it is that all that testing and trialling comes at a fraction of the price of individual product purchases.

When finding your perfect beauty box, you can opt for subscriptions with the option to switch-up the contents, or you could choose to top-up your favs/regulars every calendar month. Usually they will also have an option for a one-off purchase to treat yourself or a loved one. Think advent calendar, but for anytime of the year!

This is ideal for the beauty newbies but also for the experimental in all of us, as our hair and skin can become too accustomed to our go-tos after one too many uses. However, it’s no secret that finding a box that is Black girl-friendly can come with its challenges. Black girls skin and hair will often have different needs than those of other skin tones, and high street brands might not always cater to that.

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However, don’t be disheartened, as we are here to help. There are actually many Black owned brands out there that will have inclusivity and innovation at the forefront of product development.

We have rounded up our favourite beauty boxes (all Black owned) that cater to a diverse range of skin tones and hair types that include the deepest and coily-est of curls!

Best Black Girl Friendly Beauty Boxes


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