13 best eyebrow gels to keep your brow hairs in place throughout the whole day (and night)

Customers are saying: Dries quickly, keeps brows in place. Many customers noted that the product does, indeed, stay on all day. Some also noticed that if over-applied, brow hairs can feel crispy to touch.

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Best water-and-sweat-resistant eyebrow gel

Il Makiage Hypnotize Brow Mascara

Why we love it: While this isn’t technically an eyebrow gel, this product still does a great job when it comes to defining and emphasising your natural brows for a fuller look. Its extremely lightweight formula is also sweat-, water- and humidity-resistant, making it a perfectly versatile brow product to pack for your summer holiday. 

Customers are saying: Doesn’t feel dry upon applying, coats the brow hairs evenly. Customers noticed more definition and a subtle, natural tint.

Best clear eyebrow gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

Why we love it: We can’t talk about eyebrows and not mention the iconic brow-dominating brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. This viral product really deserves all the praise that it gets. It offers an insanely strong hold and is extremely versatile in use too. Simply rub your spoolie brush on the product, swirl the excess off on the product cap and apply!

Customers are saying: Easy to apply, a little goes a long way. Some customers pointed out that the product doesn’t last as long as they would’ve wanted.

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Best tinted eyebrow gel

Why we love it: Thickening? Check. Flexible and conditioning? Check AND check – an easy win in our book. Getting this tinted brow gel will get you one step closer to fuller and groomed brows, without that annoying stiff and flaky finish. The best part? It will also nourish your brow hairs, thanks to the included oleic acid and soluble collagen. 

GLAMOUR-approved: Glossier Boy Brow is perfect for brow minimalists since it comes in four low-key shades that add a little tint and definition without feeling OTT, or there’s a clear shade to lock everything up and perfectly in place for beautifully groomed arches. – Elle Turner, Beauty Editor at GLAMOUR UK.

Customers are saying: Provides a natural finish with added volume. Many customers were impressed with the shades and the long-lasting results. 

Best eyebrow gel for a laminated look

Why we love it: Are you after a brow gel that will make your brows look like you just stepped out of a lamination appointment? Look no further, because this product does exactly that. It features a unique formula that combines consistency of a wax and a gel, making it super easy to apply. You’ll also get a double-ended brush, allowing you to comb, brush and shape your brow hairs in the most precise way.

GLAMOUR-approved: I’m not one to do too much with my brows, all I want is them to be brushed up and looking neat and I’m a sucker for a double ended product. The gel itself is the hero and it makes the style last, although make sure not to overdo it or you will be left with a white cast. Set with the double ended brush and bam.. brows-on-fleek-activated. – Sheilla Mamona, Beauty writer at GLAMOUR UK.


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