11 best hanging plants to decorate your home with (that won’t die within days)

We’ve gotten seriously green-fingered in the past year, since sitting indoors all year has meant we’ve turned our attention to all things interiors, homewares and our garden.

From faux plants to the real deal, we’ve been filling up our spaces with foliage and being a plant parent is serious stuff. Give them too much love and they could end up an over-watered mess, too little and a wilted pile of leaves will be left in their wake. It’s no wonder #PlantTikTok has racked up over two billion views as people are keenly seeking tips and inspo for their humble abode.

They’re not just a good idea for refreshing your home, indoor houseplants have a LONG list of benefits, ranging from improving air quality to reducing stress and even making WFH an all-around better experience. In our guide to the best indoor plants, it was found that in 2014, researchers from the University of Exeter discovered that plants can increase productivity by 15 per cent. You can also use that statistic to convince the people you live with that you absolutely need another plant to add to your collection. Just saying.

Bringing the outdoors in can also be instantly mood-boosting, especially if you live in a busy city or a tower block and you’re craving some greenery. While there’s plenty of floor plants, succulents and herb gardens galore to shop, don’t forget about hanging plants.

Perfect if you’re limited on space and don’t want to clutter smaller rooms, there’re many types that will thrive indoors and outdoors, and part of the fun is experimenting with where to put them. They’re also brilliant for keeping toddlers fingers, cats and dogs from getting at them, so chances are they’ll live longer too.

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We can’t lie, keeping them alive can often feel like a full-time job, but nothing makes you feel like you’ve got your life together than keeping a bit of foliage in pristine condition, so we’ve handpicked the very best to buy now.

What are the best indoor hanging plants?

The more low-maintenance the better we say, but Devil’s Ivy is a pretty popular choice for its almost unkillable properties. No seriously, it can survive in almost any light conditions, requires only a weekly watering if the soil is dry and loves humid spaces such as your bathroom or kitchen.

Boston Ferns are another fuss-free option that boast vibrant green leaves which will add a bright burst of colour into your home. While it prefers a moist environment, it’s super tolerant through drought, so if you forget to water it, it’ll get over it. Epipremnum aureum neon is also easy to grow and look after, lightly mist every few days with a spray bottle and water when the soil is dry.

How do you hang a hanging plant?

If you aren’t renting, or have a very reasonable landlord, the obvious option is using a ceiling hook that’s drilled into the ceiling or wall.

However, if you’re keen not to leave any permanent marks, command ceiling hooks from Amazon are the next best thing that will allow you to hang plants without leaving any damage.

Or try over door hooks, which take seconds to hang a plant or hanging plant pot and can be easily moved around if you want to change up your space regularly or re-position plants nearer sunlight.

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What plants are good for hanging pots?

Some hanging plants come with pots, while others you’ll need to buy a container separately and places like Etsy, Oliver Bonas and Anthropologie have ample amount of stylish and practical designs that will add the perfect finishing touch to your new plant.

Some of our favourite plants for hanging pots include String of Pearls, which is every bit as fancy as the name suggests. Needing very little watering, its leaves look like peas and as it’s a creeping vine, it’ll adjust to different spaces and be a piece of home decor in its own right, suitable for all types of planters.

For something less like the rest, try Dischidia nummularia, AKA string of nickels, which is a little more unique. Originally found in tropical environments, it can often be seen clinging to trees to soak up its nutrients and can grow to 3m long.

Ahead are more of the best hanging plants to decorate your space with, all low-maintenance of course.


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