Kane And Lynch
Eidos Interactive

Video games are more often than not a power fantasy, an act of wish fulfilment where the player can pull off awesome feats of heroism which are typically quite impossible in real life.

But not all games are created equal, and not all games are particularly concerned with casting the player in the role of a heroic or even basically moral person.

In the case of these 10 games, it’s quite the opposite, in fact. These 10 video game protagonists are all major pieces of garbage, whether human, animal, or alien, in turn presenting players with the opportunity to indulge their naughtier side.

In each of these games, players knew exactly what they were doing: nobody was tricked into being a secret a**hole, and regardless of how some fans might try to rationalise their actions, these protagonists were all murderous, torturous, sadistic trash.

And above everything else, these games all prove just how much fun it can be to play a character unshackled by conventional morality…


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