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Despite the Master Sword’s incredible power, there are weapons in other games that are much stronger, more versatile, or otherwise eclipse the blade.

The Master Sword is arguably one of the most powerful weapons in video game history. The Blade of Evil’s Bane was created by the goddess Hylia to repel and defeat evil. Throughout the series, the Master Sword selects a champion to wield it in the struggle against Ganon in his many forms.

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The Master Sword is present in nearly every Zelda game, often as a final weapon to be obtained. Despite the Master Sword’s incredible power, there are weapons in other games that are much stronger, more versatile, or otherwise manage to eclipse the iconic blade.

10 Auriel’s Bow From The Elder Scrolls

Auriels Bow elder scrolls against a sunshine

Created for the elf god Auriel by the god Anuiel for use in combat against the forces of the trickster deity Lorkhan, this bow appears to be a simple moonstone bow but is in fact one of the most powerful weapons in Tamriel. Auriel’s Bow has had a long history and been passed down from hand to hand, but one of its greatest achievements came in that first conflict. After Trinimac, another elven god defeated Lorkhan and tore out his heart, Auriel used his bow to shoot the heart into the sea, forming the volcanic Red Mountain on the island of Vvardenfell in Morrowind.

9 The Mortal Blade From Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro drawing the mortal blade

The world of Sekiro is full of people who can skirt death through the use of various magical means. One way to get around this is by getting ahold of the Mortal Blade, a weapon capable of slaying the undying. The weapon is clearly incredibly powerful, but it carries a massive drawback as well. The in-game description states “Its crimson blade will take the life of any who dares draw it.” The Mortal Blade can kill any undying creatures, but it requires the power of Resurrection to wield in the first place.

8 DC Universe Online’s Power Rings

dc universe online three green lanterns

The various Lantern Corps of the DC Universe are cosmic protectors or scourges, depending on their allegiances. Generally in the DC Universe, only a select number of people will be chosen to wield the incredible power of a power ring.

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However, DC Universes states that “in times of great crisis, however, the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps may choose individuals to be reservists, thereby swelling the ranks of Light powered heroes and villains.” The powers of a lantern are limited only by their imagination and ability to draw on their willpower or the fear of their enemies.

7 The Poltergust 3000 From Luigi’s Mansion

luigis mansion poltergust 3000 sucking up a ghost

The Poltergust 3000 may not seem as powerful as the incredible Master Sword, but it has one big leg up. The Master Sword is famous for trapping Ganon away, often for long amounts of time, but he almost always manages to rise again. When used in concert with the Ghost Portrificationizer, the Poltergust can turn the ghostly enemies found within the mansion into portraits, removing them as threats permanently.

6 Arthur Pendragon’s Sword of Souls From Sea Of Thieves

Sea of thieves arthur pendragon wielding the sword of souls

The Sword of Souls was gifted to Captain of the Blackwyche Arthur Pendragon by the Order of Souls member Madame Olivia. He roamed the seas on behalf of the Order of Souls before being defeated by the pirate Greymarrow and having his soul trapped in a painting on the wreck of his ship.

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Once awoken by a player crew, Pendragon asks for their help in tracking down three undead captains and uses his Sword of Souls to finally lay them to their rest. This is another instance of a weapon surpassing the Master Sword’s ability to simply seal away evil by having a more final effect.

5 The Ultimate Weapon From Pokémon


First seen in the generation six games, the Ultimate Weapon was originally used to bring Pokémon back to life. However, the immortal trainer AZ used it to enact his revenge by destroying both sides of a great war. This kind of terrible power is not common in the Pokémon Universe, and the Ultimate Weapon stands out for being a machine explicitly used as a weapon. Pokémon already wield incredible power, so this weapon must be catastrophically strong, even stronger than the Master Sword.

4 The Meat Mechs In Extreme Meatpunks Forever

extreme meatpunks forever meat mech in desert

Extreme Meatpunks Forever is an indie game that takes place in Meatworld, a bizarre landscape made up of flesh and bone where punky rebels pilot giant robots made of meat in an effort to carve out an existence free of persecution. The true power of the meat mechs lies in their pilots and their tenacity. They go through hell, battle fascists wielding the power of the sun, and even square off against alien deer gods and somehow manage to come out on top.

3 Mario Kart’s Blue Shell

Wario with a Super Horn about to be hit by a Blue Shell

Like the Master Sword, the Blue Shell is a weapon with an inherent moral axis. The shell seeks out the player who is winning in an effort to knock them down a peg and allow for a last-minute upset. The Blue Shell’s unceasing power makes it even more powerful than the Master Sword.

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The blade must still be wielded by a competent warrior; the Blue Shell’s power is all internal. Simply unleash it and the Blue Shell will seek out its enemy with unrelenting force.

2 The Keyblade(s) From Kingdom Hearts

Sora with Keyblade

The Keyblade is the most iconic image associated with Kingdom Hearts, and with good reason. There are a variety of Keyblades wielded by different characters throughout the series’ long and complex lore, each with different powers and attributes. Their main power is to seal or open barriers between worlds by manipulating the world’s Keyhole. This reality-warping power can be used to defeat evil much like the Master Sword, but it has such a wide variety of applications that the Keyblade rises above the Blade of Evil’s Bane.

1 The Dark Cannon From Super Smash Bros. Brawl

smash bros brawl dark cannon

The Dark Cannon was created by the Subspace Army and given to Bowser & Wario to capture the various fighters found throughout the Smash series. The Dark Cannon had the ability to transform powerful fighters into trophies, rendering them helpless. It’s possible to dodge shots from the cannon, as they traveled relatively slow, but anyone struck by it would be instantly defeated. Even Link wielding the Master Sword would fall before the might of the Dark Cannon.

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