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My Hero Academia has successfully turned into a massive hit, connecting with people all across the world who find themselves intrigued by superheroes. But while there are plenty of anime like My Hero Academia, sometimes people want to do more than simply watch heroic adventures.

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Sometimes, people want to be the hero. As a newer anime, there aren’t a ton of My Hero Academia games available, which doesn’t leave fans of the franchise with many options. That said, there are plenty of superhero video games allowing players to suit up and fight back against evil threats.

10 The Wonderful 101 Challenges Heroes To Work Together To Fight Back Against An Alien Army

Platinum GamesWonderful 101 originally launched for the Wii U back in 2013. Fortunately, it isn’t one of the many games only available on the Wii U, as it recently received a port to the Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game takes place in a world where humanity is constantly at war with an alien terrorist group. Humanity’s protection comes in the form of the Wonderful 100.

Within the game, the Wonderful 100’s job is convincing civilians to work with them to gain special abilities known as Unite Morphs. With these Unite Morph abilities, players can complete each stage, whether it’s dealing with enemies or puzzles. This is one of the most beloved Platinum titles of the last decade, but it’s yet to receive the love it deserves.

9 InFamous: Second Son Grants Its Protagonist Multiple Sets Of Powers

inFamous: Second Son might be the last time Sucker Punch worked on the inFamous franchise, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. It’s still one of the best superhero games not based on the comics. The protagonist is Delsin Rowe, a young man who suddenly gains superpowers.

With them, Delsin decides to travel to Seattle to free the city from the oppressive rule of the DUP, the Department of Unified Protection. Delsin not only has his own smoke powers, but he can absorb other people’s abilities, making him the most dangerous person in the city… if he can maintain control of all these powers.

8 Lego Marvel Super Heroes Draws On Hundreds Of Marvel Characters

Lego Marvel Super Heroes might be the last thing some superhero fans want to try, thanks to the game being set inside the Lego universe. But for those who aren’t bothered by the Lego setting, there’s plenty to love in this title.

There’s nearly 200 playable Marvel characters, and the majority of them have their own unique powers. The focus of Lego Marvel Super Heroes is on the Marvel heroes battling against all the Marvel villains who have recently been empowered by the Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic thanks to Doctor Doom. It’s got just the right amount of fanservice for any superhero fan to go wild over.

7 Marvel’s Spider-Man Sees Spider-Man Stop Different Forms Of Crime In New York City

Marvel’s Spider-Man isn’t just one of the best superhero games ever made, it’s one of Sony’s best first-party titles. The game perfectly captures what it means to be Peter Parker, a character who has more in common with Deku than most other Western superhero. Like Deku, Peter is driven to do the right thing because he wants to help as many people as he can.

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In Marvel’s Spider-Man, the player is free to swing around the city and stop as many random crimes as they want. However, they’re also able to challenge the bigger threats to the city, changing their home city New York for the better.

6 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 Lets Heroes Form Super-Teams To Save Reality From Thanos

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 came as a surprise to the video game world. People believed the franchise was dead, but Team Ninja instead turned out an overlooked gem. The story is about the heroes of the Marvel Universe battling against Thanos and his Black Order, attempting to keep Thanos from gathering the Infinity Stones.

Dozens of heroes from various organizations are playable during the game — all of who are customizable to make unique super-teams. The concept of super-teams isn’t the norm in the world of My Hero Academia, but it’s something that’s becoming more necessary to protect Japan against threats like All For One.

5 Gotham Knights Has A Focus On Heroes Trying To Replace Their Mentor

Gotham Knights is still a few months from releasing, but it features a similar story arc to what’s happening in My Hero Academia in recent events. With Batman seemingly dead, the Bat-Family members are forced to protect Gotham in his place.

Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood are the only ones left to solve the mystery of the Court of Owls. These days, with All Might missing in the My Hero world, the remaining heroes find themselves in a similar predicament — left with no choice but to step up to protect the people.

4 Batman: The Telltale Series Relies On Detective Work Over Action

Originally, Horikoshi’s plan for My Hero Academia‘s main character was to leave him without powers. Deku would use his impressive strategy and knowledge about villains and heroes to become the best hero. In other words, Deku would’ve been Batman. Knowing that, Batman: The Telltale Series is a viable gaming option.

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A series of five separate adventures that add up to one game, The Telltale version of Batman focuses on his ability to stay one step ahead as a detective. It’s exactly the skillset that Deku would’ve needed if he hadn’t found the powers of One For All.

3 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sees A Teenager Learn To Become A Hero

The gaming community is divided on whether the original Spider-Man or Miles Morales: Spider-Man is the better game. Despite Miles Morales being a “smaller” game, some people are of the belief that it’s a tighter, more focused experience. Like Peter, Miles is driven to become a hero and do the right thing to protect his corner of the Marvel Universe.

Despite his inexperience, Miles Morales has no choice but to keep fighting if he wants to keep both Roxxon and the Underground from endangering his city. In some ways, Miles is even more like Deku than Peter, as he’s placed in impossible positions despite his age and must still protect everyone.

Even though it had a rough start, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would go on to become a beloved PlayStation 3 title. It’s over the top combat becomes addicting, to say nothing of the fun of the ability to pull from two incredibly popular universes. The “story” of the game involves protecting Earth against the threat of Galactus.

But that’s not something people are particularly concerned with. The real fun in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes from perfecting one’s three-team group. For PC fans, mods have grown ever more impressive, adding several characters from Marvel vs. Capcom’s older entries, making for a truly “ultimate” experience.

1 My Hero Academia: One’s Justice 2 Replicates My Hero Academia’s Storyline Perfectly

My Hero Academia only has one game series out at the moment: One’s Justice. The sequel title has forty different characters available for players to take hold of, but the game’s combat can feel a bit off and there’s not much depth there.

That said, One’s Justice 2 has an extensive story mode that’s almost too faithful to the existing anime and manga, but fans of the series will love that. While there are better options for fighting games, if anyone wants to experience the world of My Hero, their only option is One’s Justice.

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