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10 Video Games That Will Make You Believe In VR – WhatCulture

It wasn’t that long ago where Virtual Reality was considered to be a gimmick, gaining a niche interest on par with 3D films. Having seen several attempts at utilising VR for gaming in the
past, most notably through Nintendo’s disastrous attempt with the
Virtual Boy, it began with a rocky start.

Since Palmer Luckey began developing the Oculus Rift back in
2010, eventually releasing in 2016 after being acquired by Facebook, it’s experienced a slow but steady uptake. Microsoft,
Valve, Oculus and HTC have brought us their own PC headsets, with Sony making
an unprecedented home console breakthrough with Playstation VR.

It wasn’t smooth sailing to start with though, and early
efforts saw a few hiccups, often feeling like tech demos as opposed to
fully-fledged releases. The last few years have seen some truly outstanding
titles though, now bolstered by Valve’s incredible Half-Life: Alyx.

That’s far from being alone in its quality though, and developers have brought us some incredible experiences, providing a
new level of immersion not possible with traditional games. Here are some that will convince you VR is finally a worthwhile platform all its own.


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