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10 Video Games That Make You Lie To Win – WhatCulture

Subterfuge has been a part of the way humans play around since video games even existed – with plenty of card and dice games revolving around lying and getting away with it (or not, if you’re not sneaky enough).

This in mind, there’s always been a market for video games where you’re duplicitous throughout – which is why games like Hitman have been such long time successes.

But it’s still more than a little weird when a game insists that you lie in order to continue the plot. While this generally just leads to new, stealth-based mechanics you may not have been expecting, sometimes you do just have to straight up lie to someone – or yourself – because the alternate is turning off the game.

Lying in a game isn’t immoral, of course, but you can still often feel a little weirdly guilty or uneasy when you do so – even if you’ve spent the rest of said game killing and menacing people indiscriminately.

But hey, we’ve all had to lie to our loved ones about not being a sea creature at some point, right?



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