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10 Video Games That Came Back From The Dead – WhatCulture

There is no medium quite like the wonderful world of video games.

In any other art form, a botched release, a bad story or terrible delivery would instantly sink your product. There are no day 1 patches, no content updates or graphical improvements, you make it and then you’re finished. Video games therefore, are in a unique situation, where death isn’t the end.

When a developer releases a game, whether critically praised or broken in every conceivable way, the creative minds behind the product have the unique opportunity to tweak, adjust and drastically shift almost every aspect of the material. Thanks to our ever-connected world, these talented people have the chance of a do-over.

Some of the best games of this generation didn’t start life out as success stories. Some were released broken, unplayable or simply empty husks where promises were meant. At the same time, critically successful games have the chance to develop and improve to keep themselves relevant in an ever-changing eco-system.

In 2019 and beyond, if developers and publishers are willing to put the effort in *ahem Anthem ahem*, the release day doesn’t have to be the end.


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