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10 Unique Horror Video Games You Need To Play – WhatCulture

Horror is an interesting genre in video games, due to the
sheer scope of the category. Now, you could say the same for any genre, I
suppose, but I feel with horror you can really stretch the boundaries.

It’s a
theme, an element, an underlying aspect that can be put into any type of game, be it first or
third-person, a shooter, a point-and-click or simply run-and-hide. In this list
we look at ten unique horror games you need to play for yourself, games like
Alan Wake, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, PT and yes, even Five Nights at Freddy’s.

So, regardless of if the game was a commercial success,
critically acclaimed or a trailblazer of its time, we’ve dug deep and brought
out what we thought were the most unique games. This article is here to
celebrate horror games and the variety it can create; it doesn’t matter if the
game involves the simple objective of collecting pages stuck to a tree or
shining a light at possessed demons of the darkness, if such simplicity was
engaging and immersive, then it worked.


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