10 Tips for Throwing an Impressive Holiday Party for Your Clients

Tips for Throwing an Impressive Holiday Party for Your Clients

Planning a party is stressful for even the most skilled party planner. Have you been bestowed with the responsibility to throw a holiday party for your company clientele? Holiday parties present an opportunity to mingle with clients and enhance your relationship with them.

If you’ve never planned a party of this scale before, this task might seem daunting. However, with timely and proper planning you can put up a gala that’s one for the books.

1. Decide the vibe

Do you want a casual holiday party or a formal sit down dinner? Before doing anything else, you should decide the vibe of the party.
A casual party encourages mingling, whereas a formal dinner is structured and perhaps more suitable for high profile clients.

So depending on your end goal, choose the kind of holiday party you want to throw.

2. Pick a team

It’s impressive if you can do everything on your own. However, everyone needs a little help here and there, especially when it comes to planning a party.

Pick a team of coworkers to be your planning entourage. Even if you end up doing most of the things on your own, you would still have someone to rely on if things go array.

3. Prepare a guestlist

Preparing a guest list is crucial and not as easy as you might think. You need a group of people who will effortlessly socialise with each other. While panning the seating chart, make sure you place every guest between a person they are familiar with and a person they have something in common with.

4. Budget reserve

Not to state the obvious, but you have limited funds to work with. Creating a budget is an effective way to utilise it efficiently. However, don’t make the mistake of employing every single penny. You should always reserve a portion of the budget for emergencies. For instance, if the caterer falls through at the last minute, you can utilise the reserved budget for food.

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5. See the venue

Are you hosting the party at a venue recommended by a coworker or where previous holiday parties have been held? Even if this is the case, you should still make an effort to see the venue in person. Make sure everything is in order and there won’t be any last-minute issues.

6. Set a timeline

Making an event timeline will ensure smooth sailing to a successful party. Right from booking the caterers to renting the venue to calling the florists, date and time for every single vendor should be mentioned on this timeline. It will help you stay organised and help remember everything that needs to be done.

7. Hire event staff

When it comes to choosing event staff, spare no expense. Event staff should be courteous, professional and well dressed. You shouldn’t have to run around getting them to do their job properly.

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8. Choose caterers

Food is one thing your guests will certainly remember from the party. Instead of going for someone new, choose a caterer you’ve previously worked with. Discuss and create a menu that’s suitable for all dietary restrictions.

Drinks are just as important as the food. However, one too many drinks and things can quickly go awry. To prevent any such scandal, set up a token system. It’s an excellent way to limit the number of alcoholic beverages your guests consume.

9. Arrange entertainment

There’s only so much talking people can do. Prevent your party from becoming a snooze fest and arrange great entertainment. Hire an upbeat live band or a DJ.

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10. Set the dress code

Setting up a dress code is a great way to convey the formalness of your event.

There are a lot of intricacies involved in party planning. It will be demanding, but the end result will be worth it. That being said, don’t forget to have fun!

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