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10 Times Doctor Who Appeared In Video Games – WhatCulture

Doctor Who is probably one of the most world-renowned exports of British popular culture, up there with other cultural gems like Robin Hood, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes. He’s been on and off-screens, gallivanting about the known and unknown universe for the better part of fifty years across the old and new generations of the show.

Naturally, such a popular cultural export has appeared in a huge range of media. Indeed, the BBC have released a huge stream of Who-themed media, from books, to audio dramas, to comics, and some Doctor Who video games too. However, that doesn’t mean our favourite Time Lord is restricted to in-house projects.

Whether it’s in an easter egg, subtle reference, or more obvious copy, Doctor Who references have appeared in a monumental range of video games over the years. It has been quoted, TARDISes have been found or stolen away, and in some cases the Doctor themselves (or a carbon copy) shows up to interfere in an occasional game. This list collects just a few titles that bear some homage to the legendary science fiction show.


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