10 "Wheel of Time" Book Characters Missing From Season 1

Amazon’s The Wheel of Time series received generally favourable reviews from both long-time fans and new consumers alike. Though many fans of the novels had a few bones to pick with it, overall it was an enjoyable watch, and many are eagerly awaiting the release of Season 2.

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However, one of the glaring issues fans of the novels had with the Amazon series is the omission of several fan-favourite characters, some of which are essential to the story. The series currently has no more than eight episodes, and many more planned to come, but that hasn’t stopped book readers from wishing their favourite characters will show up at some point.


The Green Man

The Green Man, also known as Someshta, is one of the oldest beings in the Wheel of Time universe. He appears to the band of travellers at the Eye of the World, and is the first friendly face they see after spending so long in the Blight. He acts as a sort of guardian of the Eye of the World, eagerly awaiting the return of the Dragon Reborn.

He is the last of a species known as the Nym, an eons-old race of plant-like creatures who were once great farmers. Even though his story and his role is unique and mystical, he does not appear in the show. Granted, it is a character who could easily be left out of the series as he is only seen outside of flashback and dream sequences in the first novel. Though, he is an intriguing character, and he would have helped with the Amazon Series’ world-building.

Elayne Trakand

Fans were shocked when Elayne Trakand wasn’t even so much as mentioned in the first season of the Amazon Series. She is considered to be one of the six main protagonists, alongside Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, Rand, and Mat. She is first seen alongside her brother, Gawyn, in the city of Caemlyn. The first season of Wheel of Time completely glossed over this leg of the journey, and thus left no room for the Trakands to appear.

Still, it is extremely necessary the Elayne does eventually show up, as she is one of the major players in the series. Fortunately, she is set to arrive in Season 2, where she will be played by Ceara Coveney.


Aginor is the first of the thirteen Forsaken the protagonists encounter. He confronts the Dragon Reborn at the Eye of the World, where they fight using the One Power. It’s the first time the Dragon actually discovers who they are and the power they hold.

With his decaying skin, and hunched figure, Aginor may seem a weak old man on the outside, but he is one of the Forsaken for a reason. He is still immensely powerful in his use of magic, and cannot be brought down by conventional means. A proper magic duel against one of the more minor of the Forsaken would have been fitting for the season finale, but sadly, Aginor was nowhere to be found.


Balthamel is another of the thirteen Forsaken. He is among the first to be released, alongside Aginor. He also makes an appearance during the confrontation at the Eye of the World. He is one of the few Forsaken who can barely be considered human. His outward form is monstrous, with charred skin, and a leathery, smiling mask.

With his animalistic nature and lack of sentience, he is essentially a beast in a man’s body. Despite his frightening appearance, he is one of the most interesting characters in the first book, even though he only appears for a split second. Though he hasn’t appeared in the show as of yet, with more seasons to come, and a bigger role to play later on, he’ll surely appear later on down the line, though perhaps in a different form.

Queen Morgase

Queen Morgase is Elayne Trakand’s mother. She acts as the Queen of Andor, the country that holds ownership over the Two Rivers. While she is also an important character, her role is not quite as important as that of her daughter’s.

While it is entirely feasible that the showrunners could find a way to work around her position if they deem it necessary, it will be difficult, and will require some serious thought. On the other hand, fans would be excited to see her emerge in an upcoming season of the show, as nobles are somewhat of an abnormality in the world of Wheel of Time, where most characters are average people.

Galad Damodred

Galad is Elayne’s half-brother, though he is also the nephew of Moiraine. Both he and Moiraine belong to the royal Damodred family of Cairhien. He makes his first appearance in the city of Caemlyn alongside Elayne and Gawyn. He’s described as a tall young man with a powerful figure, although many young women fawn over him.

Coming from two royal families, he’s naturally diplomatic and respectful, and his fighting style is less brutish and more refined. Apart from being a fan-favourite, he’s also incredibly important later on in the series, so it is likely viewers will be seeing him at some point before the series’ conclusion.



Mordeth is the only living thing in Shadar Logoth, the city of evil that the protagonists trek through in an effort to escape the Trolloc horde. In the book, the cursed dagger that bewitches Mat is found in Mordeth’s lair, after he lures them into a false sense of security.

It is unexplained exactly what he is. Though he is not technically affiliated with the Dark One, he is surely a source of great evil, and something that even Trollocs will not dare approach. There is still plenty of time for Mordeth to appear in the series, as he ends up merging with another villain who has already appeared in the show. There may be a place for him yet.


Elaida is one of the many sisters of the Red Ajah who is constantly butting heads with Moiraine. However, she is not a villain, and is instead someone who simply has some policies that she and Moiraine disagree on. She first makes her appearance in the Royal Palace of Caemlyn, alongside Morgase, Elayne’s mother. She serves as a sort of court wizard for the royal Trakand family.

Like many of the characters missing from Season 1, she is pivotal to the series’ story arc, however, her role doesn’t matter too much until at least halfway through. It is because of this that it is likely fans will be seeing her at some point, though it is too early to say when.


Masema is one of the Shienaran soldiers who appears alongside Lord Agelmar in the fortress city of Fal Dara. He seems to be the most level-headed and clean-cut member of the group, and only makes minor appearances throughout the first few books.

His role does become more important in a side-plot, but the showrunners may opt to omit the story if they deem it to be necessary. It may require some working around, but ultimately is doable. Regardless, fans would of course be happy to see him, as his character becomes more complex as the series progresses.

Elyas Machera

Elyas Machera is an often overlooked character in the series. He first appears in The Eye of the World, and is not seen again for a very long time. Though his role is not wildly important, he is a very mysterious character who is first encountered by Perrin and Egwene after their escape from Shadar Logoth.

Elyas is a wolfbrother, just like Perrin, and it is he who first discovers and nurtures Perrin’s ability to communicate with wolves. Elyas’ pack of wolves have individual names and personalities, and it is these wolves that Perrin often speaks to when he’s in need of help. Though the Amazon series can easily get away with excluding him, many fans felt disappointed that he wasn’t included. But there are many episodes to come, so there may still be hope.

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