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10 Pre-Order Bonuses That BROKE Their Video Games – WhatCulture

DLC. Micro-transactions. Loot boxes. They have become the bane of existence for many gamers today, but what about another industry-favourite practice that routinely gets out of hand, pre-orders?

Surely, having faith in a developer or series and putting some cash down to reserve yourself a copy of a new release is simply a way to guarantee that you can get said game at the earliest possible moment, right?

Well, no.

The idea of pre-ordering games has become so vital to developers, publishers and retail outlets that they are now providing special bonuses with pre-orders as an incentive to get your hard-earned money more quickly, even if the game happens to suck.

Sometimes, these bonuses are reasonable and fun and worth it – a different costume, early access to online play, a different pet to delve into dungeons with. Other times, however, they’ve had the effect of breaking the very game they are trying to coerce you into buying, by stacking the deck way, way in your favour before you ever hit ‘Start’.

Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders.


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