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10 Overlooked Video Games We All Know Are True Classics – WhatCulture

We all have them when it comes to gaming – the diamonds in the rough; the hidden gems. You played a game and loved it, maybe it’s on that coveted list you will always come back to.

For some reason though, it never got reviewed well. Maybe it’s even referred to as mediocre or flawed. But you know it’s a good game. A classic even.

You like it and know it’s worth talking about, even if it wasn’t played by many.

Then you find them – the groups dedicated to these games online or through memories held by friends. Sure, it wasn’t raved about at
release, but you’re sure if people gave it a chance, they’d love it as much as you do.

You are entering into the world of the overlooked cult classic, and whether
we’re discussing video games, films or music, it’s the same principle. It may
not have critical acclaim or been seen as essential for your collection, but
you know different.

Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what it should contain, but
that’s the joy of undiscovered classics, each person’s opinion will be

Please use this as a jumping-off point and then shout from the
rooftops that overlooked game that you loved, or perhaps just post a comment.


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