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10 Most Powerful Fighters In The Injustice Video Games – Screen Rant

The Injustice video game series has featured the DC franchise’s most iconic superheroes and villains. In the first edition of the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, some of the characters’ skills were less than adequate considering the reputation they have in the DC Universe.

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However, in Injustice 2, fighting techniques and abilities were honed and stronger characters were more developed than before. While the game features multitudes of intense fighters, there are a few that stand out as major powerhouses during one-on-one battles. These are the characters that have high ability stats, are resilient against attacks, and have powerful combos.

10 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy - Injustice 2

An unexpectedly strong female villain character in Injustice 2, Poison Ivy has impressive moves and abilities. She can perform a wide range of distance attacks on opponents using her plant creations and can still fight bare-handed sufficiently. With the ability to easily use multiple high damage moves in a row with exceptional agility, she is capable of taking down opponents with far more strength than her. Although her super move has to be used at just the right moment, otherwise there is no significant damage done.

9 Brainiac

Brainiac pointing at the screen, as seen in Injustice 2

Brainiac is the main villain in Injustice 2, and he definitely lives up to the role. His overall strength and defense make him a difficult character to get past, but his lack of speed allows for opponents to catch up.

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His use of telekinesis and metal arms cause serious damage to others, which more than makes up for it. Brainiac is also tough to get used to in gameplay, but once a player masters his abilities and combos, they can easily take down any enemy.


8 Captain Cold

Combining the use of his cold gun for long-distance attacks, close-hand combat, and excellent defense moves makes Captain Cold an intense character. His moves are easy to master for new players, and his health is slow to deteriorate. His range of abilities with the cold gun allows him to take down opponents in multiple combos. Once a player perfects his moves, they can easily defeat any number of characters. The only cons are if he is used against a more experienced player with a character that has more complicated combos and weapons since his design is simple in comparison.

7 Batman

Batman Game Injustice

Although he is not technically “super” in a physical power sense, Batman’s martial arts moves and copious gadgets help him in defeating enemies. This allows him to make more heavy contact attacks and increase damage against opponents. With his advanced technology and body armor, he is able to withstand heavy blows himself and perform distance or short-range attacks. The only downside to using his character is that he is slow-moving when dodging attacks, and his combos have to be precise in order to make his gadgets efficient in battle.

6 Superman

Superman in Injustice Gods Among Us

Obviously, Superman is an extremely powerful and iconic character in the Injustice games. Using his superhuman strength, stamina, speed, and near invulnerability, he is a true powerhouse and can pack a punch on any opponent he faces.

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The ability to fly and aim laser beams from his eyes also gives him a definite one-up on his competition. His major cons are his lack of control and the fact that he is a larger target. Which leaves more room for enemies to get direct hits on him, and less time for him to escape an attack.

5 Dr. Fate

Injustice 2 Doctor Fate

Wielding great magical powers and mystical objects, Dr. Fate is a true force to be reckoned with in the game. He has elaborate, yet easy to utilize, moves that allow him to win a battle without his opponent getting in range of attack. When he is hit by another, his health is slow to go down which aids his stamina greatly. In turn allowing time for him to overwhelm the other player with combos, and end it with his super move. However, his defensive stats are lower than his abilities, potentially allowing an opponent to attack faster after an initial hit.

4 Robin

Do not assume that Robin is the inferior son of Batman. His nimble movements and striking sword moves are what can make Robin unstoppable if played correctly. Being remarkably fast, he can escape moves made against him just as quickly as he can attack. There is an easy flow to his movements, thanks to his sword. With it being his weapon of choice, this means he is not weighed down by an overabundance of tools. But within some of his attack movements, there are gaps that leave him vulnerable against small or large counter moves.

3 Black Adam

One of the main villains of the game, Black Adam demonstrates his magical lightning powers to take down his enemies. Also combining his brute strength, speed, and stamina makes for combo attacks that significantly bring down the health of any character. With distance shots and up-close maneuvers, he is capable of keeping his opponent at bay for long periods of time. Most of his moves are large and impactful, so if an opponent is patient, they can get close and perform combo attacks to take him down.

2 Supergirl

new addition in Injustice 2, Supergirl comes with great attack moves to show off her powers and dominate. She displays all the powers that Superman has, but with more control and speed. Her combo attacks and special moves put a great hit on even the strongest of characters. Swift moves and her many abilities allow Supergirl to quickly lower the health of her opponents and bring them down quicker than most characters in the game. Since she is an offensive player, an opponent just needs to focus on defensive play in order to take her down.

1 Deadshot

Known as the world’s greatest marksman, Deadshot is a clear candidate for the top spot in both editions of the game. With his arsenal of weapons and superior hand-to-hand combat skills, he can easily be deemed unbeatable if played correctly. Unlike Batman, he does not have to rely on gadgets to overcome his opponent. What seems to be the easiest way to defeat Deadshot is by dodging his distance shots, and slowly inching forward. From here the other player can do a close-range attack when he is mid-shot and perform a combo move to incapacitate him

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