10 loose hairstyle ideas for if you like to wear your hair down

While summer hair styling trends tend to skip straight to messy buns and complicated braids, what happens if you prefer to let your hair loose? Listen, you’ve spent how long growing your strands out? It’s only right to give them a little time to dazzle.

Whether you’re currently sporting a chopped bob, middy length or XXL ends, hair left loose can feel understated and low-key romantic. Really, there’s nothing like a shoulder skimming crop, or tumbling relaxed waves to add a chilled-out element to your outfit and celebrate your hair length in all its glory.

So, if the average updo makes you feel a bit too prim allow us to suggest some alternatives. First shake out any strict styling, next have a look at our solutions below. If you have zero minutes to pull something too fiddly out of the bag, a headband, hair bandana, stacked up slides or simple hair tuck can make all the difference and keep any flyaways out of your face in literal seconds.

If you want to jazz things up slightly; half-up, half down combos are a hybrid fix that combine the best of both worlds. A half-up top-knot can give you some extra height if volume is something your struggle with. It can keep things from feeling too heavy if you have lots of hair, too. Half-up space buns are cute, summer friendly and pretty easy to achieve. You could even incorporate a braid or two. If you have the skill set (well done you), you might as well make the most of it. Bubble braids are the ‘big in thing’ this summer and they’re extra simple to do. Or double up with chunky trad plaits at the back, or micro braids to frame your face.

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Here’s 10 of our favourite loose hairstyle ideas to wear your hair down…


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