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10 Big Time Actors You Didn’t Know Were in Video Games – Twinfinite

10 Famous Actors In Popular Videos Games

1. Rami Malek – Until Dawn

Rami Malek is known for his work in the TV series Mr. Robot, and for winning a little prize called “Best Actor” at the 2019 Acadamy Awards. But before he portrayed Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, Malek did a stellar job voicing Josh Washington (a character that looks a lot like him) in the horror game Until Dawn.

This 2016 PS4 exclusive follows a group of teenagers as they venture off to have a wild ski lodge vacation. As you might expect, the kids end up doing a lot more screaming than skiing; and Malek’s performance adds a lot to the tension.

2. Mahershala Ali – Madden NFL 18

Another 2019 Acadamy Award winner to grace our list, Mahershala Ali is lauded for his recent work in 2018s Green Book. Ali also delivered stunning performances in Moonlight, and HBO’s modern classic House of Cards.

Ali plays Cutter Wade, father of Devin Wade, the up-and-coming NFL star in Madden 18’s story-mode “Longshot”. He definitely isn’t the star in this role, but it’s made clear that his love and support is integral to Devin’s success.

3. Emma Stone – Sleeping Dogs

Four years before she won Best Actress in La La Land, Emma Stone starred as Amanda in the gritty crime drama Sleeping Dogs. However, Amanda is a rather small and superfluous part of the Sleeping Dogs story, despite being a large part of the Sleeping Dogs marketing campaign.

The player character can go on a single awkward date with Amanda in the game, and then she pretty much disappears completely. Nevertheless, Emma Stone’s voice acting is excellent despite her presence in the game appearing to be mostly for publicity purposes.

4. Gary Oldman – The Legend of Spyro

Knowing the characters that Acadamy Award winner Gary Oldman typically portrays in movies (Sid Vicious, Winston Churchill, “Zorg”) you might not expect his largest gaming role to be as Ignitus from the Spyro series.

As the leader of the last remaining Dragon Guardians, Ignitus’ demeanor is calm, assertive, and a little somber. He serves as a father-figure to Spyro, helping the young dragon to find his way.

In addition to Spyro, Gary Oldman has also appeared in a Medal of Honor title, a Call of Duty game, and is set to voice Admiral Ernst Bishop in the forthcoming Star Citizen.

5. Liam Neeson – Fallout 3

Believe it or not, in his single video game role, Liam Neeson doesn’t shoot up anyone or even throw someone off a building. In fact, he does quite the opposite.

Neeson’s single gaming appearance sees him as the loving father of the player character in Fallout 3, who altruistically seeks to bring clean water to the people of the Capital Wasteland.

His character’s “particular set of skills” as a scientist guide the main quest and the player character to a bittersweet ending.

6. Sean Bean – Hitman 2, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Civilization VI

Sean Bean is perfect both on screen and off in a variety of different roles. He was an excellent nemesis to Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye, and a valiant hero in Lord of the Rings. Bean is similarly excellent in the few games he’s appeared in– namely: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (as the unwitting emperor), and Hitman 2 (as Agent 47’s first Elusive Target).

We won’t spoil anything, but you may know that Sean Bean has a propensity to die in many of his works… Thankfully, Sean Bean also plays the “narrator” of Civilization VI, so no dying for him in that role.

7. Idris Elba – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

You may know popular actor (and heartthrob) Idris Elba from a number of Marvel action flicks or possibly from the harrowing TV crime drama “Luther”. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the British actor transforms into American Sergeant “Truck”. No other video game appearance grace his resume, but given Elba’s presence in big-budget action movies, perhaps he’ll lend his talent to another game soon.

8. J.K. Simmons – Portal 2

You might know J.K. Simmons from his Academy Award-winning performance as an abusive professor, or maybe from the (also excellent) Farmer’s Insurance commercials. However, you might be surprised to learn that Simmons is behind that eccentric, cavalier, and ofter hilarious booming voice you hear throughout Portal 2. Yes, J.K. Simmons is Cave Johnson; the billionaire CEO of Aperture Science. You’ll never be able to enjoy those Farmer’s commercials in the same way again.

9. Michael Mando – Far Cry 3

Michael Mando is a big part of why Vass Montenegro in Far Cry 3 didn’t end up as just another hackneyed, megalomaniac crazy-guy character. Vaas feels unpredictable and dangerous in Far Cry 3, and each interaction with him is tense and gripping. Because of Mando’s exceptional acting, this objectively typical villain has a believable presence that really drives the narrative forward.

10. Haley Joel Osment – Kingdom Hearts

Haley Joel Osment, most memorably known for seeing “dead people” in 1999’s “The Sixth Sense”, is the voice of Sora in Kingdom Hearts. Not just Kingdom Hearts 3. Mr. Osment has been Sora in all of the mainline entries in the KH series (and some of the other sequels) going all the way back to the original in 2002. Haley Joel Osment has literally grown up with the character.

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