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10 Best Sci-Fi Video Games You’ve Never Played – WhatCulture

Ever since the first little blip on an oscilloscope let some researchers play virtual tennis, video games have been a big part of our lives. As the medium developed into more complex graphics, sounds and controls, more and more people found themselves entertained by a plethora of available options.

One of the biggest genres of video games has – and likely always will be – science-fiction. If you look back at some of the earliest games to be commercially developed, you’ll find classic hits like Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Tempest, all of which are sci-fi, and well-known classics to boot.

The genre continued to develop as video games became more advanced, and these days, everything from turn-based strategy to first-person shooters incorporate sci-fi elements. Because of this, there are thousands of sci-fi video games that have been developed over the years, and that means there’s a library of games you’ve likely never played.

It could be due to the fact that some sci-fi classics came and went before you ever touched a video game, or they were drowned out by other options when they were released. Whatever the reason, there are some amazing sci-fi video games many people never got a chance to play.


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