10 Best Hearthstone Fractured in Alterac Valley Decks For the New Expansion Meta

Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley – Big Spell Mage Deck

While there are more proven Mage decks out there, I have to talk about this potentially very powerful (and quite fun) “Big Spell” Mage build that has a lot of players buzzing. 

The entire bottom part of this deck is designed to keep the board clear long enough for you to pull off some truly crazy late-game plays. Yes, this deck is somewhat dependant on a few random things going your way, but the odds are still in your favor. 

These kinds of Mage decks have had a lot of “luck” in recent expansions, and I think that this one might just continue that trend.  

Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley – Big Spell Mage Deck Code: AAECAf0EBI27A4/OA53uA6CKBA3DuAPexAP73QOS5AOx9wOTgQSUgQSljQSfkgShkgT+ngT7ogS8pAQA

Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley – Bridge Paladin Deck

Again, there are more reliable, and possibly better, Paladin decks out there, but you have to know about this absolutely wild concept known simply as “Bridge Paladin.” 

The key to this deck is the new Dun Baldar Bridge card that buffs the minions you summon for three turns after you play it. When you combine that card with some of the ways that Paladins can easily summon extra minions, you’re able to generate ridiculous scenarios that only a few board-clear cards can overcome. 


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